Interactive map and real-time tracking

CartographieWhere will they go? Where are they now?

Click on this link : and get the interactive map of the planed route as well as the real-time tracking (positioning) of the wheelchair-skating group.

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COVID19 situation – mid-May status

Dear friends of “Défi Rhône-Alpes 2020”,

At this time when France, the United Kingdom and Belgium are cautiously entering a phase of gradual lockdown release, we would like to share with you our review of the situation, its development and the impact that all of this might have on the feasibility of the Défi on the scheduled dates. .

In summary :
For now, we continue to plan and prepare the Défi as scheduled (end of august), even though we are fully aware or the uncertainties.
Go/nogo checkpoint is set for mid-june,
depending on policiy changes and outlook.

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Nomadeshop supports “Défi Rhône-Alpes 2020” (5-15% discounts) !

Now, here’s a partner that matters and whose support is very welcome.

Nomadeshop is a major player in the “urban riding” scene, initially set in Paris but whose reputation and scope extend far beyond, in particular thanks to their e-commerce arm : rollerblading and skating, scooters, boards, BMX, clothing , accessories, an extensive and well-stocked catalog.

More than “just a skateshop”, it is also a favorite meeting place for those passionate about skating and urban lifestyle, customers and staff alike.
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